Sunday, 12 March 2017

Do you really save with Airbnb for a weekend break?

We tried Airbnb for the second time this weekend with a couple of our friends.

The cost for the 2 nights was £480 for a self-catered two bedroom converted chapel in the Peak District. Whilst we could debate the merits of the quality and location of the accommodation, the one that stood out for me was the combination of the hassle of checking in and out with the need to purchase all sorts of necessities to make sure your stay was a pleasant one.

When you think about the idea that you have to purchase and make your own breakfast, potentially dinner (depending on your budget and where you are i.e. the wilds of the Peak District), there is a lot of lost time over the course of a weekend.

I think looking back, when I think that effectively, my wife and I paid £120 per night for a double bedroom (self-catered), then in hindsight, I would not rush back to do another Airbnb. A cursory inspection in the area we stayed in shows that whilst you would not have the quirkiness of staying in a late 19th century chapel, a bed and breakfast would set you back about £90 a night.

The reason I think that Airbnb works on paper is because we all like the idea of staying somewhere novel that isn't a hotel or a B&B. But when you boil it down, what we crave most is to enjoy the limited time that we have on our weekends away and not have to worry about the mundane parts of organising it!

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