Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Quidco - save in a click

Recently, after a friend at work recommended I look into Nutmeg, I signed up to try the share ISA (a story for another day). After signing myself up, I saw the referral bonus potentially £300 (although three friends/ family have to sign up...). I therefore decided to look at my Quidco account to see if I could sign up my wife that way. Having been rushed to get my ISA all sorted, I suddenly realised that I would have earned £150 if I had just clicked the Quidco link annoying!

Not making the same mistake twice, today I earned or saved myself £40 when I switched over gas and electricity supplier. As my fixed term contract was due to end on 30 April with Flow Energy, and so I did a quick check on Uswitch to check the available rates for dual fuel. I found a recommended/ awarded supplier that seemed to be slightly cheaper than my existing deal with Flow, so I decided to start the switch process through the Quidco site which proved just as easy as going through Uswitch.

The moral of my story - always, ALWAYS, check Quidco or if you have a TopCashback account, then try there because in all likelihood when you get that far, are almost certainly going to buy/ sign up for whatever you are doing at the time. So even a few quid or perhaps many pounds in my case can help you put some extra cash away each month all with a couple of extra clicks....

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