Tuesday, 8 August 2017

New Free Childcare

A great news government policy for all parents for young children has finally arrived in the form of free (yes, that's right - free!) childcare! This applies to all parents with children aged 3 and 4 (with other options for those on lower incomes from the age of 2).

Recently, the UK government announced that there would be free childcare for all 3 and 4 year olds starting from this year (2017). The way it works it pretty simply.

1. Be part of a nursery or child care provider which is signed up to the government's scheme (this can be a private/ independent nursery)
2. Every parent irrespective of income is entitled to a minimum of 12 hours free childcare per week if they are in full time work
3. The free childcare kicks in from the first "semester" after the child turns 3. E.g. if your son or daughter were to turn 3 in November, the free child care would start in January of the following year
4. If your child has a minimum of 3 days full time childcare, then the parent is entitled to receive 15 hours free child care instead of the normal 12.

Usually your nursery or child care provider will take care of all the paper work for you, meaning that you would only need to sign the declaration stating that you meet all the requirements and send it back to them.

For more details, check out the government's dedicated website -

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